Manufacturing System & Workflow Automation Software.
Empower, Streamline and scale your manufacturing using automation software that helps You Sell More, Instantly. With state-of-the-art tools that enable you to process large amounts of quotes every day, helping you win more new customers. Perfect for additive manufacturing.

Content Management System

A Content Management System to have one central place to manage all your orders.

Increase Revenue

Diversify the services you offer and add a significant revenue stream to your business. 3D Compare’s network offers the most competitive pricing in the market.

Instant Pricing Tool (IPT)

White Label Instant Pricing Tool generates more income and convert more visitors on your own site into sales.

Marketing Tools

Drive more traffic to your own business and increase revenue.
Our Features

Admin panel

A simple back end solution for reviewing order details.

Manufacturing System & Workflow Automation

All the manufacturing tools you need to make it easy for customers to browse and shop your 3D printing services
Easy communication between you and your customers
Fast Payout
Get your payment the moment the customer gets their product
In Dashboard Chat
Chat directly with customers that have questions or request a quote
Send Quotes
Send quotes to customers easy and fast
Support Around the Clock
Get technical support where you need it
Set your price
Set up the right price easily in 10 minutes and you are ready to go

Instant Pricing Tool (IPT)

Price Algorithm
Our price algorithm helps you to have the right price for your product.
Payment Methods
Transparent and secured payment methods for your customers to use
White Label
Easy communication between you and your customers
Request a Quote
Customers can directly request a quote
Productivity and Efficiency
Manage each stage of the production to increase your Productivity and Efficiency
Fast Checkout
Customers can easily get their 3D files printed within a couple of clicks
Easy communication between you and your customers
Preview Features
Display 3D models to clients before 3D printing them
More features that we are offering
More Features

Do you have VIP Customers? has developed many other features such as automatic PO and a manufacturing Project boared
More Features

Marketing tools is develeptoping tools that will allow you to have true on demand manufacturing with your current and new customers
Our Features

General settings

You get the freedom to select from different iframe and to personalise your tool with your branded colours